What environmental factors affect automotive paint and how to fix it

Automobile paint is affected by external factors such as: sun, rain, solvents, etc. Each type has different effects, we learn together to find ways to overcome.

Acid rain and automotive paint

Cause auto paint to buy acid damage

  •     The dents are like uneven drops that form on the paint surface
  •     They appear on all horizontal areas of the vehicle, particularly on the body panels where the water condenses easily
  •     They rarely form on the tilted surface like the front of the engine apron
  •     These acids in acid rain water that come into contact with the paint surface become denser when the water evaporates
  •     This type of damage is most likely to occur at high temperatures


  •     Applying a protective wax is an effective way to completely protect the surface of a new vehicle.
  •     If the vehicle comes into contact with rain water it must be washed as soon as possible

How to fix

  •     Grinds the area with P2000 sheeting until the surface becomes smooth.
  •     Polishing the damaged area to remove this defect.

Car paint stains

Causes of paint

  •     Dark spots are formed on colored Marmalades or outside mirrors
  •     They can be formed on a Matte finish, without a glossy finish, as well as on horizontal surfaces.
  •     When acid rain comes into contact with the painted surface, there is no gloss, this acid becomes dense and causes the aluminum color to oxidize, so the formation of circular spots
  •     Occurs at high temperatures.


  •     If the car is exposed to rain water, wash the car as soon as possible
  •     Applying protective coatings is a great way to protect new vehicles

How to fix

  •     Clean the area with the appropriate paper size with the appropriate size
  •     Then repaint the surface with the correct color adjustment

Painted car with bird feces


  •     As birds or insects contact the surface of the paint, resulting in blistering, cracking and blistering,
  •     The smear of the paint surface caused by bee stools is domed
  •     Mainly formed on the horizontal surface of the car, they can also form on the vertical face caused by the wind
  •     Depending on the temperature conditions, ultraviolet rays and moisture make the final paint crack and peel
  •     The appearance and extent of damage to the coatings varies by bird, insect, or food type


  •     Remove stain on birds as soon as they come in contact with the paint

 How to fix

  •     Surface heat to evaporate moisture and organic acids penetrate the paint film
  •     Remove the protruding area and polish with the compound if there is still bulging
  •     Remove the area with an imperfect surface roughness approximately P400 and repaint

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