Headlight Lens Restoration process

After a period of usage, and under the effect of the environment, dirt, impact will make the lens opaque, oxidized... reduce lighting ability and lose its former beauty. It also cause deflection and absorption of light, making the light spread with reduced range, which will affect sight and safety while driving.

Lens restoration helps:

  • Erasing scratches

  • Restoring gloss and beauty

  • Improving sight and safety

  • Prevent oxidizing from UV radiation

Products and equipment required

3M Random Orbital Pistol Grip Sander PN28353

3M Pistol Grip Buffer PN28354

3M 3 inch. Clean Sanding Abrasive Disc PN20427 and 3M Hookit Soft Interface Pad PN05771

3M Foam Buffing Pad PN05759 and 3M Foam Polishing Pad PN05726

Hookit Clean Sanding Disc grit P500, P800, P1000 and P3000

3M Perfect-It Rubbing Compound PN06085 and 3M Perfect-It Machine Polish PN06064

Headlight Clear Coat PN32516

3M Glass Cleaner PN08888

Water sprayer, Paper tape and 3M Wiper

Headlight Restoration Process

Protect the surrounding area with paper tape

Depends on how severe the scratches are, pick a suitable grit or start with P1000 grit to erase scratches and remove opaqueness.

--> Make sure to thoroughly clean the surface before moving to the next step

Erase strips marks from grit P1000 with P3000 and water

Erase marks from P3000 completely with Rubbing Compound PN06085

Polish the surface using Machine Polish PN06064

Wipe off the residue and check for undone areas or remaining marks

Clean the surface with 3M Glass Cleaner and wipe off the residue

Rub the Headlight Clear Coat to protect the lens from UV rays and oxidization


  • Only coat 1 layer of Clear Coat for the len

  • Use 1 piece/len

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