Car care during quarantine with 3M product set- realistic and easy

3M car care product set includes easy-to-use cleaning and maintenance products such as: deodorant and anti-bacteria, leather care, adhsive cleaner.

At this moment, the world is suffering from the extreme pandemic- COVID-19. Everyone is living at a slower pace, less commute. Therefore, on the road, automobiles are the safest mean of travel. 

Why should you have the 3M home car care product set?

  • 3M is the top quality brand for car care products from USA. You can rest asure their product will take care of your beloved car.
  • Minimize the risk from the pandemic. Nowadays, automobiles can lower our risk on the road. But bringing our car to the car care garages tends to make us anxious.
  • Making use of quarantine time with family. Cleaning and maintaining your car with your kids is a wonderful experience. 

These are the reason why car care should be done at home, quarantine or not. If you have never done self car caring before, isn't this a perfect chance to try?

3M Home Car Care Product Set

Son Nguyen proud to introduce the basic car care product set which includes:

  • 3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner PN08987.

Asphalt is always a nightmare here at Vietnam. And using the wrong solution to clean the stain it leaves will damage the paint. So you need to prepare a can of Adhesive Cleaner for cleaning every week.

  • 3M Leather and Vinyl Restorer PN39040

Vietnam is in the tropical area, so often do you see yourself commuting under the scorching hot sun. This makes the leather details oxidize and harden. PN39040 solution can restore and maintain the color and softness of leather. 

  • 3M Glass Cleaner PN08888

The car's glass panes are also under a lot of impact when being driven under dusty condition, acid rain, etc. Clean regularly using PN08888.

  • 3M Deodorant PN12009

Automobiles are small so it is easy for disturbing fragrance to stay and getting rid of this is a lot of work. That is why PN12009 can deal with discomfort smells in car really fast. Furthermore, PN12009 can also eliminate bacteria.

  • 3M Perfect-It Wiping Cloth

3M Wiping Cloth is a must-have in every home car care kit. The product has the best characteristics: good dust absorption, no shredding, etc.


With just a price of 793,500đ, this product set can help you clean the interior and exterior, bringing back that "new" feeling and comfort for passennger.


Besides the products in the set, Son Nguyen also has speacialised car care products from 3M with a lot of discounts and programs. 


For further information on the product set, other products or purchasing advise, we are always here to help at: or contact us through phone number: +84919169028. Follow our facebook for sales updates in the future:

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