Delivery policy

Orders will be delivered to the address provided by the customer through an intermediary shipping company such as EMS, Viettel, GHN, ...

Delivery time

Orders inside and outside the city.
Delivery time is 1-2 days after placing order.
Orders placed before 11:30 will be delivered on the same afternoon
Orders after 11:30 will be delivered in the evening and the next morning.

Orders in other provinces
Time from 2-3 days for downtown areas, provinces, 3-7 days for suburbs, districts, communes, towns ...
(Excluding Saturday, Sunday or public holidays)
Order processing time will be calculated from when Son Nguyen confirms the order with you.
Delivery times may change if requested by the customer and Son Nguyen can actively change in case of natural disasters or other special events.


Your order will be delivered in maximum 2 times. In case the first delivery is unsuccessful, an employee will contact you to arrange a second delivery with you. In the event of still no contact or no response from you, the order will be invalid.
To check information or order status, please call hotline number or text via zalo, fanpage, provide name, phone number to be checked.
When the goods are delivered, please confirm with the delivery staff and check the exact quantity and type of delivered goods.
Please keep your shipping receipts and purchase invoices for comparison.

Transport fee
Shipping fee is calculated according to the tariff of Vietnam Post EMS.

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