Water-based paints, the trend of automotive paint repair

Water-based paints, the trend of automotive paint repair

Waterborne paints have been used in the EU, USA, Canada, Australia for a long time in the automotive sector. Recently, with the realization of global warming, water-based paint systems have also been introduced in many Asian countries.

The basic difference between water-based paints and oil-based paints

With water-based paints, most of the solvents are replaced with water. While oil based paints contain 800 g / l of volatile organic compounds, water based paints contain only about 100 g / l of volatile organic compounds. Low solvent levels offer the following benefits:
- Protect the environment and health of workers.
- No odor, create a good working environment for technicians.
- Reduced risk of explosion caused by solvent.
- Increase the life of the equipment in the repair shop.

However, water-based paints are also limited in long-term dryness in wet environments, which require blowing after spraying.

Why choose Nippon Nax E3 WP watercolor paint

Nax E3 WB is the ultimate solution for all paint shops, offering the best solution for auto repair shops.
Upcoming, Vietnam will have more stringent regulations on VOC, Nax E3 WB to enhance the prestige of the paint shop.
Nax E3 WP has 3 outstanding features:
Easy to use: easy to set color, wet and dry color is not different.
+ Beautiful colors: many original and standard colors.
+ Environment friendly.
In addition, the Nax E3 WP watercolor complies with European VOC standards, which is a precursor to green technology.
Please contact Son Nguyen for more information on Nax E3 WP water-based paints.

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