Car paint easy or difficult, should you try at home?

Car paint is like human skin. Son does not affect the operation, speed of the car but is extremely important. The paint helps to protect the entire body of the car, rust, creating beauty and personality for the

If the paint is scratched, it can rust the frame, lose the aesthetics. At this point, you need to repaint your car. We need to find out how the automotive painting process takes place.

Steps to be taken to paint cars

We only see the outer layer of paint with shimmering colors. However, automotive paint has 5 main layers:

  • Anti-rust primer: protects metal from airborne rust
  • Matit fills: recreates the shape like new after being deformed due to impact.
  • Gray primer: increase cohesion, create the best surface before spraying color.
  • Paint color: the color of the car
  • Paint: create gloss and protect color coating from oxidation.

The skills required of car painters

Background techniques

Background is a common concept for the process of resurfacing before painting. We have some basic steps as follows:

  • Grinding off old paint
  • Grinding beveled area around
  • Matit fill fill fill
  • Grinding surface resurfacing matit
  • Spray gray primer
  • Grinding gray primer

These skills are required in the background:

  • Know the process and rough steps to use in the process of rubbing and priming to avoid errors after painting. Some common errors if the process is not good such as: rough paint, uneven paint, ...
  • Ability to sense and observe well to identify areas to be treated and renewed surfaces like new. You should pay attention to the curved, rugged area on the vehicle.
  • Skill to shield and spray primer.

Technical car paint color mixing

You often hear the phrase mixing computerized paint. It is the concept of starting to use it in construction paint. When building a house, you go to the store, choose a color gamut among the 1000 available colors. The shop owner will mix the original colors with the formula to create the color you want.

Tinting car repair paint is not so simple. For each vehicle, we have about 50 common color codes. Each color code also has a formula provided by the paint manufacturer.

However, automotive paint tinting cannot use the exact formula from the supplier for each color code. Technicians must refine according to the car to have the most accurate color when repairing. Some causes of cars with millions of colors:

  • Paint techniques at the factory are not homogeneous.
  • Impact of weather after using process.
  • Vehicles after repairs at different garages.
  • The vehicle uses a metallic color, with the color running between angles, straight, inclined and half inclined.

Some skills needed by a tinting technician

  • Ability to perceive colors extremely well.
  • Know the color mixing process to ensure that when spraying onto the car, it is not deviated.
  • Know the concepts of blood colors so that you can refine it quickly and accurately.

Technical spraying car paint colors

Spraying is the final step to perfect the repair process. It also determines whether the paint surface is beautiful or not. Car paint requires very high aesthetics, so the skill requirements for technicians are also great.
Some skills required of paint spray technicians
- Understand spraying techniques such as: distance, movement speed, spray angle, overlap, edit spray parameters, ...
- Skillful and meticulous in the process of painting to avoid errors such as: melting paint, orange, ...
- Psychological stability and stability.

Equipment needed to paint cars

As technology is increasingly developing, equipment used in the automotive repair industry is also greatly improved. Here are some equipment requirements to create a beautiful and durable paint surface.
Sanding machine
The sanding process accounts for about 40% of the car repair time. At the same time, automotive paint has turned to dry sanding technology. Sanding machine is a very necessary equipment. Some advantages of sanding machine over hand grinding.

  • Increase productivity, reduce working time.
  • Save energy for technicians.
  • More stable surface than hand sanding.
  • Reduce the area to be treated.
  • Reduce sandpaper consumption.
  • The machine has the ability to vacuum, avoiding creating dust in the factory.

Spray paint room

Dust is a huge problem in the process of painting cars. If you paint on the outside, make sure the surface of the vehicle after painting is dusty. In addition, the paint room has an air circulation feature that helps prevent paint dust from flying in the air and sticks to the vehicle.
The paint room has a large investment cost. We rarely see them in small garages.

Truss phase paint

When mixing, the technique will mix many original colors to create the car color. Therefore, having paint truss at the factory will make the adjustment much more convenient.
Currently, on the market there are many different brands of paint trusses. But Nippon's paint truss is probably the right choice. Nippon supplies 90% of car manufacturing plants in Vietnam. Nippon is the No. 1 paint brand in Asia, the product is very suitable for our weather.

Good paint spray gun

Paint spray gun has many different types. The price of automotive paint spray guns ranges from VND 500,000 to over VND 50 million. However, you choose the fake guns will cause a lot of waste. Some disadvantages of poor quality guns:

  • Poor durability, quickly buy a new gun.
  • The amount of paint is not equal, creating a non-beautiful paint surface.
  • Spray more paint consumption due to poor spreading, the paint is accrued.
  • Many errors occurred during spraying.

You can choose from a variety of automotive paint spray guns from brands from Japan such as: Anest Iwata, Devillbiss. The price of these two brands is about 2.5 - 4 million for a gun.

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