Cheap genuine sandpaper - Things to know

There are thousands of different types of sandpaper on the market, let's take a look at the basic concepts of sandpaper

The texture of the sandpaper
Abrasive paper consists of 3 main parts: abrasives, adhesives and abrasives.
Background material: The part that makes up the texture and shape for roughness. It is made of materials such as synthetic paper, jean, cotton, polyester, ...
Classification by substrate:
- Type sanding paper: Classification by different levels using the letters A, B, C, D, E, F or T. In which, A is the softest level.
- Type sanding: Classification according to different levels. For example: F, J, X, Y. Where F is the softest sanding.
Adhesives: chemicals to bond abrasive particles and abrasives such as Glue Bond, Zinc Stearate, Resin Bond, Resin Over Glue Bond, ...
Abrasive grain: A major component of abrasive material. Abrasive grain has many different types and sizes, resulting in different surface finishes after sanding.
Sort by grain abrasion
Material abrasive grain
- Aluminum oxide: hard, suitable for grinding.
- Silicon carbide: sharp, sharp but crispy cut suitable for cutting.
- Zicron: hard, suitable for high productivity.
Ceramic Oxide: Very hard, suitable for deep grinding.
- Diamonds: Very hard but very expensive.
Abrasive grain size
- Particle size is measured according to FEPA standards. Example: P180
The particle size range is from P16 to P4000, normally from P40 to P1500
Density of seeds
- Coatings - Clusters closer together: suitable for water abrasion and hard materials.
- Coatings: Suitable for sanding soft surfaces.
- Non-sparse coating: Ideal for fine, dry sanding with fine seeds.
- Coating of stearate: smooth foam for lubrication and cooling grinding.
Classification of sandpaper in the form
Currently, there are many types of abrasive paper that meet the different needs of our customers.
Abrasive rolls: This type of abrasive is intended for use on hand-held sanders or on-demand cutting.
Abrasive sheets are the most common types of abrasives in the market. Abrasive sheets are of various sizes and shapes such as: square, round, rectangular
Abrasive paper is a large size, used in the industry to sand the large surfaces. Common sizes of barrels are 600mm, 900mm and 1300mm.

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